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Building Healthy Communities with… SIDEWALKS!

From 2007-2013, SDOT noted an increase in children walking and biking to 26 of 28 schools evaluated in Seattle.* We’re working to continue this trend!

SDOT is helping to build healthy communities by participating in the national Safe Routes to School Program, focused on engineering and education projects to offer children in dense suburban areas safe and walkable routes to school.


Walking and biking to school on safe streets is always a good thing.


Two recent studies found walking to school associates with higher overall physical activity and other benefits that include:


  • Weight and blood pressure control
  • Bone, muscle, and joint health and maintenance
  • Reduction in the risk of diabetes
  • Improved psychological welfare
  • Better academic performance


Starting on June 29, SDOT will kick-off construction on three sidewalk projects in north Seattle:


  • 20th Avenue NE near Sacajawea Elementary School
  • 3rd Avenue NW near Viewlands Elementary School
  • NE 77th Street near Thornton Creek School


These projects are part of SDOT’s Pedestrian Master Plan and Safe Routes to School Program to make each route safer and improve the walking experience for all, including students at nearby schools.


Bicycles at a local Seattle school.

Improvements include new sidewalks and curb ramps, revamped crosswalks and additional efforts to promote safe driving. Construction will conclude before school starts on September 8, just in time for that first walk to the classroom.

For updates on schedule and contact information visit the project web pages:


*Annual count by Seattle Public Schools