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Construction Management Plans for ROW Impacts – COMING JULY 6

As the construction surge continues it’s increasinglyCMP blog photo2 challenging for construction projects to maintain access for motor vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian travelers. But one practice that has proved beneficial is the early creation and collaborative review of a comprehensive Construction Management Plan, or CMP.

When developers and contractors create CMPs and work with the City of Seattle to identify potential conflicts up front, projects run more smoothly. That’s why SDOT will soon be asking for CMPs from most mid- to large-sized projects that significantly impact the public right of way.

So what is a Construction Management Plan? A CMP is a pre-permitting document that clarifies how construction will be managed over the entire course of a project. It includes plans for traffic management, noise mitigation, pedestrian circulation, and parking.

Projects involving a State Environmental Protection Act (SEPA) review have always had to submit a CMP; as of July 6, 2015 those that significantly impact the public right of way will also need to submit a CMP at least two months prior to construction.

Since a CMP helps contractors and SDOT identify potential problems before construction begins, this new requirement will not only help keep the right of way usable for the public, it will also help save developers and contractors time and money. Small residential projects on non-arterials are not likely to require a CMP, but any project that either (1) significantly impacts the right of way, or (2) triggers a State Environmental Protection Act (SEPA) review, will require submission of a CMP before a Street Use permit will be issued.

Keep an eye out for details regarding CMP requirements, templates, and timelines when we launch our new CMP webpage on July 6.

If you’d like to inquire as to whether your project will require a CMP, or if you’d like to schedule a CMP coaching appointment, please contact the Street Use Applicant Services Team at, or 206-684-5283. Also, feel free to visit our Permit Services Counter on floor 23 of the Seattle Municipal Tower at 700 5th Ave.