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SDOT is Focusing Repairs on our Busiest Streets

Thanks to SDOT’s Arterial Major Maintenance (AMM) program, SDOT paving crews recently replaced several damaged concrete panels on NE 55th St.  This is the route of the #71 bus, which connects the UDistrict to neighborhoods to the north and to Downtown.  Sections of NE 55th St were showing a lot of wear and tear from heavy vehicles.  SDOT had filled multiple potholes on this street, but the 7000 block had come to a point where it needed repairs that were bigger than filling potholes but smaller than full road reconstruction.

The AMM program maintains our busiest streets by making strategic small scale pavement repairs ranging from just few hundred feet long to a couple of blocks.   By focusing our finite repair dollars on the key locations in greatest need on our most vital streets, we can provide a big bang for the buck.

This year the AMM program will complete nearly 100 projects throughout the city.  In addition to new pavement on streets, the program pays for related work such as curb ramps, drainage improvements and street trees.

When you add up all those individual concrete panel replacements and short stretches of fresh, smooth asphalt, the AMM program will repair over 10 lane miles of streets in 2015.

NE 55th Street Before

NE 55th Street Before Panel repairs


After Panel repairs

NE 55th Street After Panel repairs









The Maintenance Operations Division of Seattle Department of Transportation is responsible for keeping street pavement clean and in good repair. The crews sweep and flush streets, remove snow and ice, repair potholes, and take care of minor asphalt and concrete paving jobs. The Division monitors the performance of City streets and establishes multi-year repaving priorities.