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First Hill Streetcar Testing Update

Here is a video clip of the Test Run:

The new First Hill Streetcar visited all its neighborhoods from Capitol Hill to Pioneer Square on Tuesday as part of its ongoing testing program. These low-speed tests focused on the braking performance when traveling downhill in traffic. Many of our tests are performed late at night or on the 8th Avenue S maintenance facility track–some will even be performed with the new car delivered to the South Lake Union line–but this was a nice opportunity to show off for the lunchtime crowd on a sunny July day!  We are working hard with the manufacturer to get the vehicles ready for passenger service. The start date is still not fixed as we need the manufacturer to complete this iterative process of testing and fine-tuning to safety-certify the vehicles before we can finalize our start-up activities.

Test Team in Pioneer Square

Test Team in Pioneer Square








The Test Team completed the tests and will be back out soon. #TheStreetcar

The First Hill Streetcar is an important link in the regional transit system, and connects the diverse and vibrant residential neighborhoods and business districts of Capitol Hill, First Hill, Yesler Terrace, Central Area, Chinatown ID and Pioneer Square. For more on the streetcar please visit: