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Microsurfacing in local neighborhoods is now complete!

Four Seattle neighborhoods benefitted from microsurfacing treatments on their roads this summer. Much like painting a house, a microsurface is a protective layer applied to certain non-arterial streets in decent condition so they stay that way.


The Seattle Department of Transportation helped extend the life of pavement by 7-10 years using this approach, which seals minor cracks to protect pavement from moisture and oxidation. Microsurfacing prevents the need for larger, more expensive road repairs in the future.

2015 Microsurfacing Projects

In summer 2015, SDOT microsurfaced 43 lane miles across the following 4 neighborhoods. Click on a neighborhood for more information on this year’s improvements.

To learn more about our overall microsurfacing efforts, visit the project webpage:

Thank you to Affected Neighborhoods

These projects required partnering with local residents and businesses for success. Thank you to all who helped our crews by relocating their cars from affected streets, tolerating the noise and large equipment, and cooperating with temporary local street closures and rescheduled work due to rainy weather.


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