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Comment on New Pedestrian Mobility Rule by 10/29!

We’re working to make it safer and easier for people to walk in Seattle. More specifically, we’re developing new policy to support best practice standards in and around work zones. With such significant growth (we expect 60,000 new people and 50,000 new jobs in Seattle in the next 10 years—and a continued construction boom), construction impacts are magnified.  To address our Vision Zero safety goals, keep businesses thriving, travelers moving, and construction coordinated a newly updated Director’s Rule on Pedestrian Mobility in and Around Work Zones is in development. Some of the standards it notes are highlighted in the photo below.


You may comment on DR 10-2015 (it’s official gov name) up through October 29, 2015, by sending an email to, or calling 206-684-3897.

In last Tuesday’s blog we went over some questions that have come in about the proposed new Director’s Rule (DR). And to clarify, DRs are the strongest policy document the City has that isn’t adopted by City Code. They interpret existing Seattle Municipal Code — clarifying application of code for specific purposes.

Director’s Rule 10-2015 is part of a broader effort on behalf of SDOT to raise the bar and demand a higher standard when it comes to:

  • Protection of public assets;
  • Maintenance of traveler access;
  • Streamlining of construction project coordination; and
  • Continuous improvement of public services.


We’re looking at new policies and resources to meet these needs, continuing work these last two years to rethink a lot of what we do–to do it better. Look for more details here and around the community as we refine approaches, build new teams, provide more tools and update policy to best support the city we all share.