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Yesler Way Bridge Rehabilitation is Underway

Built in 1910, the Yesler Way Bridge is one of the oldest permanent steel roadway bridges in the city of Seattle. The rehabilitation work is to improve safety and reliability while preserving the bridge’s historical elements. The work will last through the fall of 2017.

Yesler 1

Looking north at Yesler Bridge from 4th Avenue.

The first phase of the project is demolition and removal of the entire structure.  The pictures below show the now closed construction zone.

yesler 2 - 4

Looking at Yesler from the northwest, then looking to the northeast.

While the bridge is under construction, the bridge will remain fully closed along Yesler Way and Terrace Street.  At a few points during construction, 4th Avenue will also be closed during evenings and weekends for public safety.

In addition to structural improvements, the stairwell on the north side from Yesler down to 4th Avenue will also be replaced and safely lit for pedestrians.  New energy efficient lighting will be installed underneath the bridge deck itself, improving visibility for drivers.

yesler 7

Yesler Way Bridge is vital in connecting residents, commuters and businesses in the surrounding  neighborhoods. In addition to providing a major east/west connection across I-5, the bridge displays unique and historic design elements including decorative pedestrian railings, parabolic and circular features of the exterior “fascia” girders, and ornamental capitals and casings, all of which will be preserved in the rehabilitation.

Much of the bridge structure will be replaced as well as the entire western bridge abutment. When finished, the structure will be less vulnerable to earthquakes and have greater vertical and horizontal clearances for traffic passing underneath.

For more information on the Yesler Bridge Rehabilitation Project, please visit: