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Resolve to Reduce Speeds

New Years resolutions are as easy to break as they are to make, but for 2017, Seattle is keeping our commitment to Vision Zero and eliminating traffic deaths or serious injuries by 2030.

At the end of 2016, we announced multiple speed limit changes to help keep everyone safe, and new signs are being deployed throughout the city.

  • Arterials in central Seattle (blue on the map below) were reduced to 25 mph.
  • Non-arterials (a.k.a. residential street) speed limit were reduced to 20 mph everywhere in the city.
  • Delridge Way SW was reduced to 30 between SW Henderson Street and the West Seattle Bridge.


Speed matters, and slowing down saves lives, especially for people walking and biking.


In 2017, we’ll be examining the impact of these changes on traffic and collisions, educating the public on new laws, and evaluating additional arterials that could benefit from speed reductions.

Be on the lookout for new signs and speed limits, and remember that unless otherwise posted all arterials are now 25 mph, and all residential streets are now 20 mph.