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Parking Changes Coming to Capitol Hill Pike-Pine Corridor

There’s more demand than ever for parking near businesses and restaurants in Capitol Hill.  To improve parking availability and turnover, we are expanding the existing paid parking along Pike-Pine east to 15th Avenue.  Hours and rates will match existing paid parking along 12th Avenue and to the west.  These changes will be installed starting in the middle of this month.


While parking on these streets is free and limited to 2 hours, SDOT studies show that parking is full as early as 9 AM, remains over 90% full for most of the day, and that most vehicles stay longer than the posted time limit. This makes it extremely challenging for customers and visitors to find available on-street parking. These study results contrast with the adjacent paid parking area which, while well utilized, generally has parking available until 6 PM.

To provide more predictable, consistent parking regulations, we are also relocating Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) 4 parking from commercial blocks to residential blocks.  Finally, in areas that are already No Parking at the corners for intersection visibility, we will  add on-street bike corrals.

Get more information and background on parking changes here.