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From Signals to Signs

Red, yellow, and green.  Did you know that Seattle has over 1,000 traffic signals?

Under the right conditions, a traffic signal can reduce crashes and keep people and goods moving throughout our city. But, as community needs and traffic patterns change, signals that were useful in the past could now potentially create problems.

To address the changing needs of our growing city, this year SDOT traffic engineers will be studying up to ten signaled intersections to evaluate their impact, and potentially replace with all way stops.

This intersection in Queen Anne was converted from a normal signal.

This intersection in Queen Anne was converted from a normal signal to all way stop.

Using Federal Highway Administration guidelines, we’ve compiled an initial list of potential locations. Now, we need your help to identify more intersections that could work better as an all way stop.

Example intersections currently being considered:

  • 11th Ave NW and NW 46th St
  • SW Admiral Way and 59th Avenue SW
  • Renton Avenue and S. Kenyon St

For an intersection to be considered, it should meet the following criteria:

  • low traffic volumes
  • good visibility to the stop sign for all approaches to the intersection
  • an intersection nearby that the arterial street is controlled by stop signs

Please send your location ideas to