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Know Before You Go: New Travelers Map!

We’re excited to announce we’ve given our Travelers Map a makeover! Same great URL, but with a new look and new name. For those of you playing along, it used to be called the Traveler’s Information Map – we dropped that ‘Information’ bit because, well, it’s kind of implied that a map might have information in it for you.

Why the change? Our old map was from 2009, and since then Seattle’s population of 616,000 has boomed past 700,000 – that’s a LOT more people traveling on our city streets!

And we want to help you – the traveling public (yes, we’re investigating a trademark around that phrase for an SDOT band name) – get around safely and efficiently. Our new Traveler’s Map is one key to help you do that – know before you go and plan out how you might want to get around this growing city of ours.

Our makeover extends well beyond a new look and name. Here are the other new features you’ll find:

  • You can plan by neighborhood
  • Estimate the time it’ll take to get places
  • Get notifications of bridge openings, railroad crossings, incidents, special events or construction happening along your route

What else, you might ask? High quality video streaming is also now available. And the map is web-based and compatible with all devices. With that, we’re saying goodbye to our app. Though, for anyone interested, in 2018, we’ll make data available on and app designers can use it if they’d like to put one together.

Along with these changes, you may have noticed we’ve got more dynamic messaging signs activated with travel time routes.

You can find the new and improved Travelers Map at

For more info about our how we use technology to improve our transportation system, check out

Questions about the Travelers map? Contact Band Sittikariya at