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Three Spots for Signals to Stops

Could certain intersections in the city work better with “STOP” signs instead of traffic signals? That’s what we started looking into earlier this year. Why? Traffic signals that worked well in the past may not be working as well for the needs of our changing community.

Signal to Stop intersection implemented at University Way and NE 40th St in 2014. Collisions declined from three to zero (3-year before and 3-year after comparison).

SDOT engineers have chosen three intersections for a pilot program to see which ones might work better with “STOP” signs instead of traffic signals. These intersections are near schools that will benefit people walking, riding bikes, and driving vehicles:

  1. SW Admiral Way and 59th Avenue SW in West Seattle
  2. College Way N and N 95th Street in Northgate
  3. NE 50th Street and 17th Avenue NE in University District

SW Admiral Way and 59th Ave SW

Our crews will change the traffic signal light operation from “red/yellow/green” to “red flashing” mode. They’ll also install stop signs at the intersections and cover the pedestrian signals.

NE 50th St and 17th Ave NE

People driving and riding bikes must stop at the intersection and yield the right of way to pedestrians in the crosswalk and traffic in the intersection. If you arrive at the intersection at the same time as another person driving or riding a bike, please yield the right of way to the person on the right, as required by law.

We’ll evaluate these intersections for six months to see how well the changes are for everyone who uses the intersections. We might also make more changes during this trial period, if they’re needed.

Please let us know your thoughts on how the changes are working. You can email us at