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SDOT is All About Safety with Operation TREE-IAGE (Triage) Update: New Blog Video

It’s that time again! Summer is ending, school’s about to start and back-to-school activities are well underway here at SDOT. Yep, you read that right! SDOT and back-to-school go hand-in-hand, because we’re all about Safe Routes to School. This is why we kicked off Operation TREE-IAGE, you know like, ‘triage’? You can thank Director Scott Kubly for that clever little number.

Please checkout our short Blog Video that has useful information:

So far SDOT crews have trimmed and cleared:

  • 348 signs/signals
  • 671 sidewalk locations
  • 1054 trees

We’ve targeted overgrown vegetation and trees around Seattle’s 59 public elementary schools. Crews are clearing sidewalks and walkways of overgrowth so kids have a clear and safe path to walk to class. Our Urban Forestry team is also pruning trees and bushes covering school zone signs, beacons, and signals so drivers have clear visibility and can adjust speeds accordingly.

This project ends Sept 1, is another way to get closer to Seattle’s Vision Zero goal and improve safety for our youngest travelers. Remember, the speed limit on all residential streets is 20 MPH (just like the school zone speed limit!).

We’ve also teamed up with Seattle Department of Construction and Inspection to educate residents of tree trimming and vegetation maintenance requirements in the right-of-way, and encourage them to share this information with neighbors and help out neighbors who might need assistance.

You can also checkout the cool Project Map that shows where work has been completed:

For more information about city regulations, check out the Seattle Weeds & Vegetation Ordinance. Want more information about Operation TREEAGE?  Call 206-684-TREE (8733) or email us at