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Everything You Need to Know to Park Like a Pro

Hot of the presses, our 2017 Annual Paid Parking Study is ready for your reading enjoyment! During the spring, we were hard at work collecting paid parking occupancy data to inform updates to parking rates and hours throughout the city, now all neatly packaged in the study.

Our Performance-Based Parking Pricing Program launched in 2010, helping us to make data-driven decisions based on occupancy levels to adjust rates annually as required by City law. Thanks to the principles of supply and demand, we’re better able to manage curb space, making sure you have reliable parking access and availability.

Our goal is that each business district has 1 to 2 open spaces per block throughout the entire paid day. That means parking is well-utilized in high-demand areas, but that you’re able to reliably find a parking space near your destination. Cutting out “cruising” from circling the block not only makes for happier drivers but also limits unnecessary emissions and associated environmental impacts.








What you Need to Know:

  • 30 paid parking areas citywide
  • Rates adjusted according to 3 different time periods (i.e., morning, and evening rates)
  • Summary of parking rate and other changes:
    • 50 paid parking area rate periods will not have any rate changes
    • 20 area rate periods will have rate decreases
    • 15 area rate periods will have rate increases
    • 5 areas will have paid parking hours extended to either 8 PM or 10 PM
  • Changes take effect this Fall

Still have questions? Here’s everything you need to know to become a Parking Pro!