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Check it out! SDOT Releases New Performance Report

Are you curious about how SDOT tracks progress, measures success and stays true to our mission to make Seattle a safe, interconnected, vibrant, innovative, and affordable city?

We do it by Moving the Needle!

That’s right. To better communicate how we accomplish these things, we have developed and released Moving the Needle, SDOT’s 2017 Performance Report. This report is a comprehensive detailing of many of our ongoing performance metrics, and provides straightforward and easy to understand graphics that depict the city’s progress and aspirations for the future.

A key goal for SDOT is increasing data collection and application. Current data helps us identify challenges within Seattle’s transportation systems, leading to quicker and more efficient fixes. Collecting and analyzing data will also allow us to monitor progress and track improvement, making accountability and transparency easier than ever.

Check out SDOT 2017 Performance Report Highlights

  • Increased Transit ridership by 32 percent, which includes 7,000 new RapidRide riders on Lines C, D and E.
  • Filled 95 percent of potholes within three business days.
  • Built 16 new Safe Routes to School Projects, increasing the percent of elementary school kids walking and biking to school by 10 percent.
  • Ninety two percent of SDOT employees completed Race and Social Justice Initiative Training as part of efforts to serve Seattle communities.
  • Increased transit access for people with low income with the issuance of more than 22,000 ORCA Lift Cards.

This report is a great vehicle for SDOT to communicate with Seattle residents about our progress and vision for the future. It provides a way to keep our goals in sight and ensure we stay on track. It will hopefully also engage Seattleites in a dialogue about the future of city transportation.