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Coordination – it’s not just for colors & sports!

Project and Construction Coordination Map

If you haven’t heard, Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. In fact, we’re over 704,000 strong and counting. That’s 100,000 more people than a decade ago. You also may have heard that population growth and construction go hand in hand.


And to better coordinate all the ongoing construction projects, our Street Use division has created a new Project and Construction Coordination Office that will:

  • Provide coordination among private developers and public projects
  • Ensure similar work coincides, reducing impacts, and time spent in the right of way
  • Create an at-a-glance look at projects across the city
  • Provide on-demand information for all construction projects



We also recently launched dotMaps, an interactive project coordination tool that will help improve visibility into city construction and minimize road work impacts on the public. Now our project managers have a visual representation of all ongoing construction overlaid on a city map along with timelines and project information. This cool new resource has already helped us coordinate projects in Pioneer Square, South Lake Union and Downtown.



You too can get the skinny on our projects from start to finish with this interactive map. Just a few of the cool features for you to explore:

  • Pan and zoom the map to your neighborhood to see blocks with planned projects
  • Click on a project for more details
  • Use the Legend button to view the colors for each agency
  • Search projects by date range and or agency using the filter tool set