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Moving toward zero.

Positive trends Seattle is one of the safest cities in the country, even as we continue to grow at a record pace. Today, we’re previewing some exciting news with the City Council’s Transportation and Sustainability Committee. Preliminary data from 2018 indicate a continued downward trend in fatal and serious injury… [ Keep reading ]

So long, farewell (viaduct).

Remember me? The viaduct?  It’s hard to believe that our city went from #Realign99 to #WinterWeatherResponse on the same day as the opening of the new SR #99Tunnel. The weekend prior to opening, nearly 100,000 people participated in the #Realign99 Step Forward activities to bid adieu to the viaduct and… [ Keep reading ]

More snow + ice on the way – storm response reminders

Our crews have been working non-stop to plow and clear streets, and we are so thankful for them! As more snow and ice heads our way later today and throughout the coming week, they’ll continue to be out there, working hard to prioritize plowing and deicing treatments on our most… [ Keep reading ]

Quick #SeattleSqueeze tip: Disperse!

#SeattleSqueeze Tip: Disperse! Hello, week 3 of the #Realign99 closure and the #SeattleSqueeze! And thanks to you all for continuing to be nimble and patient as we move through this together. We’re on the home stretch of the SR 99 closure before the new tunnel opens below downtown Seattle, and… [ Keep reading ]

You ask, we build! Help prioritize community projects.

Through our Neighborhood Street Fund (NSF) program, community members can now prioritize transportation-related projects in their neighborhood – you ask, we build! The program is funded through the voter-approved Levy to Move Seattle. Each NSF round involves four phases, the first of which took place this past fall. So…. [ Keep reading ]

Stay in your lane + out of the box.

Do you ever? Do you ever see: single occupancy vehicles in the carpool lane (?), or people driving in the bus-only lane, or folks trying to sneak through the intersection when there’s clearly not enough room? We likely all know the rules, but sometimes need a prompt to conduct ourselves… [ Keep reading ]

Your commutes are awesome. Keep it up!

No, YOU’RE the best! Seattle, you really are the best – we’re working together as a region to get through this era of tough traffic and everyone pulling together to adjust their commute is inspiring! We’re well into week 2 of the #SeattleSqueeze, and in addition to saying thank you… [ Keep reading ]

How do YOU #SeattleSqueeze?

You’re the best! First of all, happy hump day! 3-day weekend, here we come. Second, a huge shout out to you all, the traveling public (yeah, if we ever formed a band, that would be our name. Please send album cover ideas our way). Thank YOU for shifting trips, taking… [ Keep reading ]

Share your comments on how we use real-time tech to keep Seattle safe & moving.

The key ingredient to keeping Seattle safe and moving rests in our real-time technology. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Seattle is growing. You’ve seen it in the cranes that continue to pop up. You’ve seen it in an expanding light rail system (yaass!). But do you know… [ Keep reading ]

Smart Cities | The Art of Seizing Good Ideas

These days, you can’t throw a rock without hitting a city’s innovation program or office. Seattle alone has at least four. But how are these cities and agencies framing their work? And do these programs actually result in “innovative” outcomes? This year, we set out to find the nation’s leaders… [ Keep reading ]