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Who’s Ready for Winter Walks?

Photo by: Tim Gouw, Pexels

Cold weather is here!

Many of us rely on our most basic form of transportation: WALKING. It’s a classic mode! We want to make sure you have a fun and safe winter season.


No matter what time of the year it is, our downloadable walking maps are always available to help you plan your best route. Freezing temps might affect your normal route, but you can always help your fellow walkers by putting down salt or de-icer products on your neighborhood sidewalks. As part of our Winter Storm Preparation (which we want you to click on and actually check out! You should really – seriously, really click on it.)? being a good neighbor can make all the difference for all travelers!


Baby, it’s cold outside! When the temperature gets low – low – low, it’s good to get out a little. Here’re some of our favorite Seattle winter strolls:



And if Seattle doesn’t get enough snow for your taste, just head out to the mountains for these winter wonderland hikes.


Safety tips:

  • Layer up. Wear gloves, a hat, and scarf. Did you know that cotton absorbs water? When cotton gets wet it stays wet and will no longer keep you insulated. Stay dry with a waterproof layer!

    Sign up for Alert Seattle, a free service provided by the City of Seattle, used to alert the public during severe weather, safety, health, utility disruptions, major traffic incidents, and more. Click here to learn more.

  • Choose a good pair of winter boots. Avoid a smooth sole and go for a heavier tread.
  • Keep a lookout for ice. Black ice can often appear in the morning or in shaded areas.
  • Walk slower and hold on to handrails.
  • Keep a lookout for each other. Be alert, be seen, and make eye contact with others around you. Accessorize! Just like other modes of transportation, reflectors, and safety lights can come in handy especially when walking in the dark.
  • Communicate if you’re going out for a brisk stroll, let someone know where you’ll be. If you have a mobile phone, keep it charged and take an extra charger with you.


Westcrest Park, Seattle.

Keeping your best bud warm:

Your dog demands his morning walk; you can’t deny those puppy eyes even when it is 30 degrees out! Remember, that our pets can layer too, just like us! You and your pup can head out warm and bundled to one of Seattle’s many dog parks!  Here’re a few tips from the Seattle Humane Society:

  • Protect your pup’s paws. Just like humans, our pet’s paws can dry and crack from the cold weather. Apply pet-friendly moisturizer (petroleum jelly or pet paw waxes). Sometimes, it might be necessary for boots!
  • Bring a towel on your walks.
  • Get them a coat! Say what? Yup. Our pooches get cold too!

See the Seattle Humane Society’s blog for their full list of tips.


Here’re some winter weather resources for you!

Happy walking!