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Seattle makes other cities wanna sign our yearbook!

Seattle Mural 2nd Ave in Belltown.

Superlatives have been raining down on Seattle like unicorns and rainbows lately, and we’re getting all the feels.


What we’ve heard: ??


Our transit score tops a tropical paradise, Honolulu, so take that Pineapple Express! We may have rain, but our transit is BOMB. According to Forbes, Seattle is “crushing” the competition in food, culture, sports teams, outdoorsy stuff, and reliable mass transit. Nearly half of commuters rely on transit, increasing 48 percent in the last seven years!


The latest Modesplit survey shows that less than 25 percent of Downtown Seattle commuters drive alone to work, despite the city adding 60,00 jobs since 2010. That is cool.


Keep up the good work, Seattle!