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Once upon a pothole…

Winter has come and gone and so have parts of our road with it. DOH! ? Those pesky potholes! We hate potholes as much as the next person. So what’s the pothole story?


Once upon a time…

On a winter’s eve, when the weather went cold and wet, water found its way through pavement cracks (aka aged road wrinkles as we like to call it) on the road and as the temperature dropped, the water froze and melted and froze and melted and froze and…you get the picture.

The water expanded and contracted the pavement cracks and soil below it and wore the poor pavement down to where it loosened and broke apart, creating a pothole. THE END.

Ack! That’s not how we want it to end! How about a happy ending?



Enter SDOT!

Help is on the way!

Our Pothole Rangers are out repairing our streets every day and we’ve partnered with our Parks Department crew to tackle the pothole season.

For the next several weeks, our team will be out filling as many potholes as possible. And we need your help to make this a happy ending for you, Seattle!


Be a hero and come to the rescue!

Help us help you by reporting those potholes! We’ll need some basic info like an address or cross-streets and pictures are always helpful.


Our crews will get out and fill those potholes up, making our streets smoother, safer, and more enjoyable, no matter how you get around. Last year, our Pothole Rangers filled 34,500 potholes!! Let’s hear it for our Pothole Rangers and crew!! Be on the lookout for our crew and remember to report those potholes! #TellYourFriends

Now THAT’S what we call a happy ending!