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Bike Everywhere Day is Friday!

Time to celebrate!

TGI eeeeeeefF! Almost. The end of the week is near, people! And with it comes Bike Everywhere Day.

Tomorrow, keep your eyes peeled for more people biking and for a crop of celebration stations that businesses, non-profits, residents, and volunteers across the city are setting up. Activities, swag, and hours vary by location –  check them all out on this handy Celebration Station map.


Cascade Bicycle Club’s Bike Everywhere Day Ride & Rally

We’ll be at Cascade Bicycle Club’s City Hall celebration station and rally (4th Ave between Cherry and James), from about 7 – 9 AM with Vision Zero safety swag (bike lights + bells among other things).


Bikes + Bagels

We’ll also have some staffers out with our Commute Seattle buddies, hosting three Bikes and Bagels locations. Pop by for a bagel, coffee, and swag, 7 – 9 AM at the Othello Link light rail station, Occidental Square, and South Lake Union Park.


Safety first.

As we mentioned, you’ll likely see more people out there biking. Here are a few safety tips to remember on Friday and every day:


? Pay attention.

Heads up, phones down. Keep that tiny computer tucked away so you can keep your eyes on the road.


? Speed matters – slow down!

The speed limit on all residential streets is 20 MPH. All arterials are 25 MPH unless otherwise posted.


? Look out for each other.

We’re in this together, Seattle. Sometimes we’re on a bike, sometimes we’re driving, and generally speaking, we’re all pedestrians. Put yourselves in someone else’s shoes and remember how you’d like to be treated (ahem, #goldenrule).


? See and be seen.

Light up your ride. Bikes should have a front white light, and ideally a rear red light, or at least a red reflector. Let us know if you need one.


Ride out, folks! We’ll see you out there!