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Where’s car share parking?

Have you found the NEW dedicated car share spaces along Montlake Boulevard NE, near UW? Waldo has! We recently installed them along SB Montlake, just north of the Hec Edmundson Pedestrian Bridge, to enhance mobility options.


What’s that sign, again?

Spaces marked with the car share sign are available to car share vehicles only, on a first-come-first-served basis. In Seattle, so far, that’s vehicles through ReachNow, car2go, or Zipcar (Note that if you’re using Zipcar you can’t end your rental at these spaces). Once you park, you can walk across the bridge for quick access to the UW Light Rail Station, the IMA, or Husky Stadium, and the UW campus is to the west!


The Montlake location also features a 3-minute passenger load zone for easy drop-off and pick-up whether you’re in a private vehicle or a Lyft or Uber. We don’t anticipate any traffic impacts with this change on Montlake; but if this is a location where you park a personal car, you’ll no longer be able to do that.


Seattle has both free-floating car-sharing, allowing drivers to park for free in most any legal parking space in the city (look for free-floating car share permit sticker in the windshield; currently, car2go and ReachNow), and some dedicated car share spaces, permitted for a specific operator (currently, Zipcar, car2go, and ReachNow).


Places for spaces to connect.

We support mobility options such as car sharing so that people don’t need to rely on personal vehicle ownership to get around the city! We’re starting to install dedicated car-share spaces in places that help people access transit and business districts. We’re currently evaluating other locations. Look for spaces soon near the West Seattle Junction! If you have ideas about potential car sharing locations, let us know!


Contact us!

Car Sharing is a practice where people become members in an organization that owns a variety of cars, which members can then use under the terms of their membership. Car share permits are only available to approved companies. Visit our website, call 206.684.5086 or email us at