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A safe ride is just a stone(r)s throw away!

People walking to Hempfest, wearing matching best buds t-shirts

Best buds don’t let best buds drive high. They hold hands, walk, and wear matching tees.

High Hi, Seattle!

We’re bud-dying ? up again with Lyft to raise awareness about impaired driving and offer smarter choices to get around safely as Hempfest gets underway this weekend.

August 17 (today!) – 19, Lyft is providing $10 off 2 rides to/from the event, with code:



High driving is a no-no!

While it’s legal to get high, it’s not legal to drive high. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, marijuana can slow your reaction time and ability to make decisions, impair coordination, and distort perception. Yep, all critical functions of driving. We just marijuantcha to get home safe. Ok, maybe that one doesn’t quite work. It’s not easy to roll out pot pun after pot pun.


When it comes to street safety, the stakes are high. Really high. Seriously. In Seattle, impairment – whether alcohol or drugs – accounts for an average 20% of traffic fatalities. As a reminder, close to 20 people lose their lives in traffic crashes on city streets each year. We’re aiming to get down to zero by the year 2030 (that’s what Vision Zero is all about).


Let’s be clear, we’re not pushing folks to get baked. I mean, this is Seattle and a brownie does sound good right about now…C’mon, we’re a government agency. We just want people to make good choices.

GIF of Jamie Lee Curtis from movie Freaky Friday, saying

What Jamie says.

Grab the code, get a safe ride.

And through our ongoing Vision Zero safe ride partnership with Lyft, we’re able to offer up said good choices.


August 17 (today!) – 19, Lyft is providing $10

off 2 rides using code: HEMPFEST2018


This is open to new and existing users headed to or from Hempfest at Myrtle Edwards Park. And once you get there, you can head to the Lyft tent (booth 316) for free munchies. Mmm. Munchies.

So stoners, do your thing, but please stay safe and plan ahead. Dank Thank you!


Contact us!

For more information about Vision Zero, visit our website, call 206.386.4654, or email us!