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Halloween & Day Light Savings (ends) Safety Tips

This blog was updated on October 30, 2019 @12:00 PM

It’s T-minus 24 hours until trick or treating, which means excitement is building for little kids everywhere as they envision their Halloween candy hauls to come. And let’s be honest, parents, you’re at least a little pumped to pick through said haul after your little goblins go to bed.

As everyone gets ready for the festivities, we’re here to remind folks à safety first! On Halloween (and every day) we all have a role to play in making Seattle’s streets safer as we work toward Vision Zero. But first,


Pro safety tips:


1) Pay attention.

Phones down and heads up. Especially important (and the law) if you’re driving, but also relevant if you’re out walking and managing a gaggle of ghouls. ???


2) Take it slow.

Give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination. With speed, the frequency and severity of collisions increase #physics. On residential streets, remember 20 MPH is plenty.


3) See and be seen.

If you’re driving, be mindful that trick or treaters will be out and about. Slow down, pay attention, and stop for people walking (remember: every intersection is a legal crossing). If you’re out walking, bust out the glow sticks and flashlights, and remember to look both ways and make eye contact with drivers before crossing.


4) Plan ahead.

Maybe you’re out for a night of boos booze? Make good choices and plan ahead for a safe way home. Hop on a late night bus, hail a cab or rideshare, or buddy up with a designated driver. You know the drill. Also, Seattle Police will be conducting extra DUI patrols on Halloween.


Hello, darkness my old friend.

The sun sets at 5:53 PM tomorrow and according to the weather Gods, it will NOT rain. Is that a trick or treat? ? Children-involved car/pedestrian collisions are nearly twice as likely to happen on Halloween than other days of the year, so it’s especially important to see and be seen (we’ll refer you back to tip #3 above).

And looking ahead to this weekend, the clock turns back on Sunday (farewell daylight savings, hello darkness my old friend). Days will get darker, so it’ll be even more critical to look out for each other. Thanks for helping make Seattle’s streets even safer!