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Plan your trip, get bus and train info, and buy transit tickets on the GO! 

Image by King County Metro Transit GO program.

Do you know there’s an app for that…Transit, that is? 

We’re kicking this off with a couple of #SeattleDidYouKnow (s):



Back in September, we added over 300 bus trips each week on popular bus routes across Seattle, including 32 trips during the weekday’s busiest times to help alleviate crowded bus routes?



The days of not having exact change, cash, or an ORCA card to hop on a bus are long gone? King County Metro has made getting on and off a bus super easy with their KC Metro Transit GO Ticket mobile app. Use your smartphone to buy your bus, rail, or water taxi ticket. Get your tickets electronically in an instant! Like cash, you can use your Transit GO Ticket to transfer to/from any Metro bus for up to 2 hours – from the time you activate your ticket.


Using the Transit GO Ticket app is so easy.


Ready to board? Do this.


  1. Download the app.
  2. Enter a credit or debit card for payment.
  3. Boom – you’re good to Transit GO!


Pro tip? You can also buy tickets through Metro’s “Marketplace” site on your PC or desktop, and select, “Save to phone” or to the cloud.  When you’re ready, activate the ticket on your mobile device.


Part of a greater story.

We’re proactively adding bus trips on routes that’ll be impacted when the SR 99 Alaskan Way Viaduct closes on January 11, 2019. As the roadways become more congested, added transit service will be necessary to move people efficiently through the limited roadway space.

To help relieve some of the downtown travel pressure, we’ve invested in projects and programs to ease the traffic constraints in the next five years. Learn more about the Period of Maximum Constraint here.