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TOP 6 things you can do to avoid #SeattleSqueeze traffic.

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We’re day six in the #Realign99 Alaskan Way Viaduct closure and here’s how traffic has been:


Friday: meh, great final drive and fireworks . . .
Monday: not totally unbearable.
Tuesday: much worse than Monday.
Wednesday: worse than Tuesday.
who knows? But you can make help make a difference.


Over the next three weeks or so, the City of Seattle and the region will continue to feel the effects of the Alaska Way Viaduct. This major connection of the State Route 99, which served as a trusted daily route through the City of Seattle for millions since 1954 is gone forever (insert tear), as part of the Washington State Department of Transportation’s work to #Realign99.

As we await the opening of the brand-new tunnel, the traveling public still needs to travel but more conservatively. For now, the best way to maintain Seattle’s transportation system and traffic flow is by reducing the number of vehicles on the road in downtown Seattle.

Now for some us, this is an easy fix. But for others, work, family, health, and other life circumstances simply won’t allow for such an adjustment, which is why those who can must do their part to help maintain traffic flow and be a good neighbor to fellow Seattleites and King County neighbors who must hit the road each day, with no exceptions.


TOP 6 List 

“Things you can do to avoid traffic, plus help those who can’t.”

1. Be an Early Bird: Leave home early. Consider leaving at least an hour earlier during the morning commute.

2. Be a homebody: Work from home. If your employer is amenable, give it a go.Image result for telework

3. Get in Earlier or Later: Alter your work schedule. Check with your employer to see if you can arrive to work earlier and so you can leave earlier. Or the opposite. Schedule that happy hour with friends!

4. Travel in a group: Carpool with friends and neighbors. Organize a group going in the same direction during the week to take one vehicle. We have a list of bike and car share and carpool partners on our website.

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5. Be multimodal: The possibilities are endless. Map out various ways to get there with a combination of walking to public transit, biking to public transit, park and ride and maybe reverse it all in the right order and transportation mode that works for you.

6. Take a post-holiday vacation. You deserve it!

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