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How do YOU #SeattleSqueeze?

You’re the best!

First of all, happy hump day! 3-day weekend, here we come.

Second, a huge shout out to you all, the traveling public (yeah, if we ever formed a band, that would be our name. Please send album cover ideas our way).

Thank YOU for shifting trips, taking transit, walking, biking, water taxiing, working from home, etc. – all the things that are helping the region continue to move during this challenging time. ?????? You’re also helping people who can’t shift their trips continue to get around.

Three cheers for the collective good!

How do you squeeze?

Speaking of all that shifting of patterns and doing good things, we’d love to hear from you about how you’ve changed your commute. Have you taken up carpooling, transit, walking, or biking this week to avoid or help reduce traffic? Are you working from home now (ahem, living the dream), or have you been able to shift your start and end time?

Or hey, maybe you haven’t changed your commute. Maybe you already walk, bike, or take transit regularly (extra credit!). Either way, we want to know how you squeeze. Alright, that sounds a little strange (we know some of you are thinking, stop trying to make squeeze a thing, and we love you for loving Mean Girls), but bear with us.


Share your stories.

If you’ve been enjoying your commute this week, tag us on social media (@seattledot) and share your stories and pictures along with these hashtags: #MyCommuteIsAwesome and #SeattleSqueeze.

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You could inspire someone else to make a change and help us all out as we keep moving through this post-viaduct world.