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Your commutes are awesome. Keep it up!

No, YOU’RE the best!

Seattle, you really are the best – we’re working together as a region to get through this era of tough traffic and everyone pulling together to adjust their commute is inspiring! We’re well into week 2 of the #SeattleSqueeze, and in addition to saying thank you (seriously, thank you!), we’re here to tell you: \


Keep. It. Up!


Traffic was rough this morning, especially with that rain. But the weather forecast is looking good as we inch closer to the weekend and even into next week. Knocking on wood over here. We’re hoping those sunny-ish skies will entice even more people to bike.


picture of weather forecast for week of Jan 23

Weather Underground tells us the sun is returning soon.


Be flexible (if you can)

Not everyone can do yoga like Gonzo. And not everyone can change their schedule or commute patterns, which is why it’s critical that anyone who does have that flexibility, keeps doing one (or more!) of the following as we continue:

  • Shift your schedule – come in earlier or later
  • Work from home – sweatpants for the win
  • Don’t drive alone – walk, bus, bike, carpool, water taxi, ferry (all the things)

We need to continue making these tweaks, otherwise, traffic will get worse for everyone. And nobody wants that.


Need some inspiration?

We’re loving the #mycommuteISawesome and #mycommuteWASawesome posts we’re seeing ? Here are a few recent highlights:

Shout out to our friends in the City’s Office of Sustainability and Environment. It’s like they know that 60% of greenhouse gas emissions in Seattle are from road transportation and they’re shifting trips for multiple reasons during the Squeeze #themoreyouknow ??.

Image of tweet about working from home.

Our friends at OSE getting their teleworking on.


Thanks, @bonnevivante, for doing your part! You had us at ‘timely buses’ (and Tina Fey, of course).

Picture of tweet about bus commute.

On time buses + plenty of seats –> high fives.


@pkonthebike rode in the rain a few nights ago and enjoyed the art interruptions along the Rainier Valley neighborhood greenway.

Picture of tweet about bike ride home along neighborhood greenway with art

Enjoying public art on a bike ride home.


Check out @WAstateofmine’s hot tip. Patience pays off with a front row seat.

Picture of tweet about waiting for the next bus

Wait for the next bus and you shall reap many rewards.

Regardless of if you did or are doing (yeah, the hashtags are different tenses), let’s all keep doing! Remember, sunny days are literally ahead and there’s light at the end of the almost open tunnel.