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NEW Peak-Only bus lane on 5th & 6th Avenues installed!

✨NEW✨ pathway on 5th Ave and 6th Ave to serve as a PM peak-only bus lane to help buses move commuters and travelers north.


Our crews have been working hard to install new striping and remove old markings quickly and safely in time for the next phase of the Seattle Squeeze on March 23, when all buses that use the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel will permanently move to surface streets.


Crews removing old road markings on 5th Ave.


To keep transit moving reliably, we installed a new pathway on 5th Ave and 6th Ave to serve as a PM peak-only bus lane to help buses move commuters and travelers north. These buses are traveling to northeast Seattle and the Eastside, and we’re thrilled to be providing a quick and reliable commute for these travelers, as well as working with Metro to ensure our other downtown streets are clear for transit.

The King County Metro routes that will use the pathway include 74, 76, 77, 252, 255, 257, 301, 308, 311, and 316.


Fresh paint drying on 5th Ave.


Here’s the latest.

✔️ COMPLETE: Striping along 5th Ave and 6th Ave! Look for white paint and the words “BUS ONLY” to know where the buses will be traveling beginning March 23.


✔️ COMPLETE: Signage has been installed, and a new bus bulb at Union St (where the sidewalk will be extended into the street to make space for people getting on and off transit) has been installed as well.


?  Bus shelters at 5th Ave and Marion St will be installed.


Installation of the new PM peak-only bus lane on 5th Ave between Columbia St and Marion St.

Heads up: You will see bus drivers using this lane for practice!

King County Metro drivers will be out on the pathway to practice their driving patterns before the actual service change begins on March 23.

Look for buses Monday – Friday from 7 AM to 3 PM as drivers get used to their new routes! This will ensure that they are prepped and ready once those buses start filling up and they begin carrying commuters to their next destination.


Reminder: keep up those commute changes from January.

Those changes you made in January, like biking, taking transit, or shifting your commute hours? They worked! Traffic volumes remained low across the region and we avoided any major incidents, so thank you, Seattle! We don’t want you to stop now that the tunnel is open, though – public and private construction projects are going to continue to challenge how we get around, so check out our Tools page to find everything you need to change your commute. Keep it up!


Seattle’s new normal – #SeattleSqueeze

Over the next five years, Seattle’s downtown will be in a state of transition to meet the needs of our growing city and region – #SeattleSqueeze. We’re making changes to our city and to our regional transportation system and help people get where they need to go safely and efficiently. New mobility projects are being developed and constructed to connect communities to downtown with fast, regular service and to create the public spaces our growing region needs.

For more information, tools, and resources on  #SeattleSqueeze, please visit our website!