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In case you missed it, the NEW BUS LANE on Howell St is open!

People traveling by bus or car on Howell Street between 9th Ave and Yale Ave during the afternoon commute now have an easier time getting to the Yale St on-ramp to SB I-5. This work is part of a larger effort intended to streamline traffic flow through this section of the City as we gear up for Chapter 2 of the #SeattleSqueeze.

Check out the 5th/6th Ave Transit Pathway and All-door boarding on 3rd Ave projects that were recently completed!


Here’s what you can expect:

L A N E S  &  P A R K I N G

  • Relocated bus lane on Howell St to the left curb lane
  • A new eastbound transit queue jump on Howell St and Yale Ave that will allow buses traveling through Boren Ave a head start when the light turns green
  • Restricted parking on the left curb lane on Howell Street between 9th Avenue and Yale Avenue between 3 and 7 pm; Monday through Friday



The following bus routes travel through this corridor and may be impacted by these improvements:


  • King County Metro: 111, 114, 177, 178, 190
  • Sound Transit: 510, 511, 513, 578, 590, 592, 594, 595
  • Community Transit: 402, 405, 410, 415, 417, 422


In the previous configuration, the bus lane was located in the right center lane of Howell Street, impacted by backups and delays as cars merged right to the I-5 south onramp at Yale Street. The relocated bus lane will streamline traffic flow and reduce travel time through this section of downtown Seattle.


Don’t forget that the next chapter of the Seattle Squeeze begins on March 23, 2019, when all buses that use the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel will be permanently relocated to surface streets. This change is being made to accommodate the Washington State Convention Center construction and future Link light rail expansion to the Eastside in 2023. In all, 15 bus routes will be changing what bus stops they serve.


Seattle’s new normal – #SeattleSqueeze

Over the next five years, Seattle’s downtown will be in a state of transition to meet the needs of our growing city and region – #SeattleSqueeze. We’re making changes to our city and to our regional transportation system and help people get where they need to go safely and efficiently. New mobility projects are being developed and constructed to connect communities to downtown with fast, regular service and to create the public spaces our growing region needs.

For more information, tools, and resources on  #SeattleSqueeze, please visit our website!