Apr. 1-5: Night grinding on Swift Ave S


Swift Ave S, S Myrtle St, and S Othello are two-way arterials serving south Seattle. The streets link Holly Park and Beacon Hill to Interstate 5 (I-5). Our goal is to improve the safety, accessibility, and comfort for all users. From April 1-5, 2019, we’re grinding the pavement on Swift Ave S, as part of a larger effort to repave areas of Swift Ave S, S Myrtle St, and S Othello between S Albro Pl and Martin Luther King Jr Way S.


Here’s what you can expect:


S C H E D U  L E

Starting at 7 PM on Monday, April 1 we will be grinding the pavement on Swift Ave S from S Albro Pl to Beacon Ave S. We will work from 7 PM to 7 AM. This work will continue for 4 nights, from April 1 to April 5.


C L O S U R E  |  D E T O U R

Southbound lanes on Swift Ave S between S Albro Pl and Beacon Ave S will be closed. Traffic will be detoured to Beacon Ave S and S Columbian Way. The I-5 northbound ramp at Swift Ave S and S Graham St will be closed, as will Exit 161 northbound to Swift Ave S and S Albro Pl. Use S Columbian Way to access I-5. Access to Swift Ave S from side streets will be closed. Residents should access their neighborhoods through Beacon Ave S. Access will be maintained to Covello Dr S and Military Rd S, south of S Myrtle St. Traffic will return to normal by Friday, April 5 at 7 AM.



Expect loud noise, dust, and vibrations while crews are working.



King County Metro route 107 will be rerouted. For information on changes to King County Metro stops, please visit kingcounty.gov/metro/alerts.


Want more information about the project?

Visit our website! If you have questions or concerns, please contact the construction outreach team at SwiftMyrtleOthello@seattle.gov or call 206.256.5227.


….and when on Swift Ave S……