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Keeping you in the Levy loop.


We completed a comprehensive reassessment on the Levy to Move Seattle.


Last fall, we completed a comprehensive reassessment on the Levy to Move Seattle under the leadership of Mayor Durkan. The update was based on more realistic assumptions than we used in 2015.


This is an update on the improvements we’ve made since the levy work began in 2016. We also published the 2018 Annual Levy to Move Seattle Report which details our performance and financial progress from last year. The report provides a status update for the planned levy deliverables. This is our most detailed report yet, giving the Levy Oversight Committee, elected officials, and the general public the information needed to track progress and hold us accountable.


While work is still underway, here’s a look at the levy work completed so far between 2016-2018:



Repainted crosswalks




Miles of new protected bike lanes




Repaved lane miles



4 & 44

4 Newly installed traffic signals

44 Additional improved traffic signals




Safe Routes to School projects



Our crews & contractors are progressing on completing projects that carried over from 2018.


We’re also getting started on the 2019 planThis year, we’ll continue making maintenance and safety improvements on lane paving, protected bike lanes, neighborhood greenways, new sidewalks, curb ramps, tree plantings, and traffic spot improvements. We’re also excited about three cornerstones progress-making Move Seattle projects on the horizon:


Lander Bridge

We’re constructing a new bridge over the train tracks on S Lander St between 1st and 4th Avenues S to improve access and relieve congestion in SODO.


Fairview Bridge

We’re replacing the existing bridge to meet current seismic standards and improve traffic flow.


Northgate Ped/Bike Bridge

We’re designing and constructing a new pedestrian and bicycle overpass across Interstate 5 to improve neighborhood connection and access in Northgate.


We’ll continue to keep you informed on Levy progress through quarterly & annual reports.


Keep a lookout for our Bike Master Plan 2019-2024 Implementation Plan and project list. 



April 2 Move Seattle Levy Presentation

2018 Annual Levy to Move Seattle Report

2019 Planned Accomplishments