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Bike Share Parking 101

Taking a bike share bike to Alki is an easy and fun way to get exercise and enjoy the fresh air! Be sure to park your bike in one of our new parking spaces!

Taking a bike share bike to Alki is an easy and fun way to get exercise and enjoy the fresh air! Be sure to park your bike in one of our new parking spaces!

Alright Seattle, we know you already know the obvious places where you’re not supposed to park a bike share bike. 


GeekWire put together a comprehensive list of incorrectly parked bikes across Seattle in 2017. Presented without comment.



But, there are certain spots you may not realize are blocking access for people.


Sometimes we may not realize it, but certain places that we leave our bike share bikes parked can prevent access for people who are just trying to get around. Here are three easy areas to avoid when you’re ready to park your bike:


In the middle of the sidewalks.


Bike share parked in the middle of a sidewalk.


People of all ages and abilities rely on clear sidewalks to travel throughout Seattle. Did you know: people who are blind sometimes use the walls of buildings to get around? It’s really important that we keep the sidewalk, from the edge of buildings to the “planting strip” (the space, paved or unpaved, between the curb and sidewalk), clear for everyone.


Park your bike share on the outer edge of the sidewalk, where you usually find street trees, newspaper stands, & fire hydrants.


Near curb ramps.



Along with keeping sidewalks clear, it’s important to keep curb ramps free of bikes to help those who rely on curb ramps to access sidewalks. Make sure you’re not blocking ramps when you park your bike.


Near bus stops & building entrances.



Have you ever had a bike block your bus stop, or get in the way of the front door to a building? Not only is it frustrating, but it can prevent people who are unable to move the bikes themselves from accessing public transportation, get to appointments on time, or just get home.


Be aware of where you’re leaving your bike, & make sure to keep it out of the way! Here, it’s easy. We’ll show you!


Take a minute and 30 seconds out of your day to watch our bike share parking video with Rooted in Rights, with the how-to on parking your bike share bike.


(P.S. share with your friends, neighbors, and colleagues – we could all use a refresher!)


More bike parking spaces are coming this year!



We’re making it easier for you to park your bike! Look for new parking for 160 bikes in West Seattle along Alki Beach and at the Seacrest Marina. We’ll be installing a new corral at Seacrest Marina that will be the largest in Seattle!


If you can help move an improperly parked bike, you’d seriously be a top-notch citizen!


Relocating a bike that’s blocking access is a quick and easy way to be a good neighbor and look out for others who are just trying to travel safely through Seattle. Use our tips listed above to find the perfect location to store that bike for the next rider!


Thanks, Seattle, for doing your part to keep our sidewalks clear for everyone. We’re all in this together! Now, get out there and ride a bike for #BikeEverywhereMonth, and when you’re done, be sure to park it right!


For more info about our bike share program, visit our Free-Floating Bike Share program page. You can also visit our Bike Program page where you’ll find our Bike Map and more helpful info.