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VIDEO: Construction Site Access Helps Everyone Get Around.

Anita sits in front of a Sidewalk Closed sign on a sidewalk in Downtown Seattle.


Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. And with more people comes more construction to support our expanding city.


As we continue through the #SeattleSqueeze, public and private infrastructure projects continue to impact how we get around, especially those with disabilities.


With many of these projects directly affecting our streets and sidewalks, it’s important that those who are working on these projects maintain access for people who are traveling through the area.


Woman in wheelchair facing Sidewalk Closed sign blocking sidewalk in Downtown Seattle.


We teamed up with Rooted in Rights to create a video on the importance of maintaining a safe space for people to travel through construction sites.


Watch as Anita and Cross, who both use wheelchairs, travel through a construction site in Seattle and demonstrate the do’s and don’ts of proper site access!



Here are some of their tips:


  • Think about everyone who needs to move through the area.
  • Include ramps.
  • Keep paths well-lit and clear of large signs and debris.
  • Make sure pathways are wide enough for people using wheelchairs.
  • Use sturdy and highly visible barriers that won’t fall over in wind or rain.


As Anita says, “these tips aren’t only useful for wheelchair users, they make sites safer for everyone.” ?


Want more information? Visit our website at to learn about the permit requirements for construction work in the public right of way.


Photo of Downtown Seattle with text "".


More information on how to set up safe access through construction sites can also be found in our Client Assistance Memo (CAM) 2110: How To Plan, Document, and Implement Pedestrian Mobility In and Around Work Zones.