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So many ways to access park and rides during #RideTransit Month!

Northgate Park and Ride

Photo courtesy of King County Local Services.


Park and rides are facilities where people who have a long commute, don’t live near a transit route, or need a convenient place to catch transit can come to one place for their transit, carpool and vanpool, biking, and walking options. Scroll through the list of King County Metro park and ride locations, and learn about Sound Transit’s parking options.


While many people choose to park their cars at park and ride lots, did you know that there are so many other types of transportation to get to your park and ride?


Park and Ride Sign

Photo courtesy of King County Metro.


It’s true! If you’ve found that your park and ride lot is too full to park your car, check out our list of other ways to reach your park and ride.


Try taking Via to Transit or Ride2, on-demand shuttle services to transit hubs in Bellevue, southeast Seattle, and West Seattle.


Chau Dang, a driver with the Via to Transit shuttle service, parks a van. Photo courtesy of the Seattle Times.

Chau Dang, a driver with the Via to Transit shuttle service, parks a van. Photo courtesy of the Seattle Times.


Via to Transit is a convenient shuttle service to & from light rail stations in SE Seattle & Tukwila. Via to Transit lets you request on-demand shuttle vans to and from five Sound Transit Link stations: Mount Baker, Columbia City, Othello, Rainier Beach, and Tukwila International Boulevard. The service costs and works the same as transferring to or from a Metro bus with an ORCA card. Download the Via app or call 206-258-7739 to request a ride.


Ride2 provides on-demand rides to and from Metro buses at the Alaska Junction and Water Taxi at Seacrest Park in West Seattle, and the Eastgate Park & Ride in Bellevue! Standard Metro fares will apply for a one-way ride on Ride2 — meaning, if using an ORCA card, you will pay one fare and transfer to a Metro bus without any additional fare. Book a ride on-demand with the Ride2 Transit app or by calling 855-233-1880.


Drive a car share vehicle to Northgate Park and Ride.


Metro has designated parking spaces for car2go and ReachNow free-floating car share vehicles at the East Lot of Northgate Transit Center. Heading to catch a bus at Northgate? You can drive a car share vehicle and park in one of the stalls. Heading home? Reserve a car while you’re on the bus and just hop in when you arrive at Northgate to finish your trip.


Bike to a Park and Ride with your own bike or take bike share for a quick and easy ride!


Bike Locker at Northgate


Try taking two wheels instead of four to your park and ride. Biking reduces greenhouse gas emissions and improves the health of our city!


Many park and ride lots have secure bike parking to provide a place for you to park your bike before hopping on transit. Search your park and ride’s webpage to learn more!


Take a bike share bike to a park and ride! It’s easy: just pick up the bikeshare bike closest to you, ride it to where you want to go, and leave the bike for the next person to ride. Bike share bikes can be parked in lots of locations (as long as they aren’t blocking access) – watch our video for helpful parking tips!


Check out the Northgate Park and Ride for a great option for biking to a park and ride.  It’s got bike lanes, bike lockers, and the convenience of riding transit into downtown.


Northgate Transit Center Map


The Northgate Transit Center East Park and Ride at 3 rd Ave NE not only has car parking stalls, but also has leased and on-demand bike lockers!  Plan your trip to and from the park and ride using our SDOT Bike Map – you’ll see that there are bike lanes on 5th Ave NE and Roosevelt Way NE to provide a safe and comfortable place for you to ride. Plan your route before you go and enjoy your trip!


How do you get to your park and ride? Share your story on social media and use #RideTransit!


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