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Step Up To The Plate

We’re rolling out a new system for paying for parking on Seattle streets. Parking stickers are GOING, GOING, GONE.


The way to pay for parking is changing, and we’re here to make that transition a smooth one.

We know you’re used to the way things are today. But rest assured that we are making the parking process easier for everyone. We want to help you adjust to this new system. Have you seen our new ads around town? You’ll start to notice them online, in some movie theaters and on social media outlets.


Our new parking system is called “Pay by Plate”.


Here is a video that demonstrates how it works.



In the video, did you notice how the person looks at their license plate? Next, they step up to the parking pay station, enter their license plate and select the amount of time they want.


In the video, notice how the driver doesn’t return to their car with a parking sticker.  This new system means no walking back to the car, and no sticky paper everywhere! It’s as easy as that—park, pay and you are on your way!


You can even set up an account online, so you don’t need to remember your license plate every time you pay for parking. Check out


All of Seattle’s on-street paid parking neighborhoods are being converted to Pay by Plate.


You can already find Pay by Plate in Columbia City, Green Lake, Roosevelt and the University District.


Other neighborhoods will be converted through this summer and fall. Those sticky receipts should be completely gone before Thanksgiving!


More questions? Click here for more information.