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From NW 54th St to NW Locks Pl: Why the name change?

Ballard Locks in Seattle

Photo: Benjamin Mossello via @Unsplash

In the City of Seattle, streets are named by ordinance and rarely are street names changed. At the request of emergency services, we are proposing to City Council an ordinance to change the name of NW 54th St to “NW Locks Pl” between NW Market St and the entrance to the Ballard Locks.

Emergency service dispatch has requested a street name change to create unique intersection names along the NW Market St in Ballard. There are two intersections with the same street name: NW 54th St & NW Market St, one and half miles apart.  Duplicate names create confusion for emergency service dispatchers and delay response.

We reviewed the request with Seattle Police Department, Seattle Fire Department, and Seattle Information & Technology Department. Together, we determined changing the name of the below segment (see map below) will cause the least impact to the community and will provide a unique intersection name needed by the emergency services.

Using the name “NW Locks Pl” provides connection to a local landmark, the Ballard Locks, and will facilitate navigation to this location. Only one address along this NW 54th St segment will need to change, and the house number will remain the same. The address “3005 NW 54th St” will become “3005 NW Locks Pl”.

Proposed ordinances must be approved by Council and signed into law by the Mayor. Please watch the Seattle City Council’s Sustainability & Transportation Committee website for the scheduled meeting to discuss this proposal.

If you have any questions, concerning the street name ordinance please contact or (206) 684-ROAD.