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Hey Ballard! Here’s what’s happening at 24th Ave NW & NW Market St

Crews Working.

Crews Working.


Starting Monday, September 16, the north half of the 24th Ave NW and NW Market St intersection will be closed to replace an aging water main and complete paving work. The entire intersection is scheduled to be closed Saturday, September 21 and will reopen Monday, September 23, to allow crews to demolish and replace concrete panels at the intersection.


Here’s what you can expect:


C L O S U R E  |  D E T O U R


During the north half closure, 2-way traffic (one lane in each direction) will remain open on NW Market St for those traveling east/west through the intersection.

When the full intersection is closed, traffic will be limited to local and business access only between 22nd Ave NW and 28th Ave NW for vehicles traveling on NW Market St and Shilshole Ave NW, and up to NW 54th St for vehicles traveling on 24th Ave NW.


  • Vehicles traveling north from NW Market St should use 20th Ave NW
  • Vehicles traveling southeast from NW Market St should use 20th or 22nd Ave NW to access Shilshole Ave NW
  • Trucks are advised to use NW 65th St to 32nd Ave NW or 15th Ave NW
  • The west crosswalk will be closed, follow marked detour


Changes in traffic flow are detailed in the graphics below.


Ballard MultiModal Detour Map: North Half Closure

Ballard MultiModal Detour Map: North Half Closure


Ballard MultiModal Detour Map: Full Intersection Closure

Ballard MultiModal Detour Map: Full Intersection Closure






During weekend work, crews will be working around the clock to complete intersection paving. A noise variance has been granted for this work. Expect loud noise, dust, and vibrations while crews are working.





King County Metro bus routes 18 and 40 will be rerouted along 56th Ave NW to 22nd Ave NW. Please visit the Metro website for more information.



P R O J E C T  O U T C O M E


Transportation investments included in the Ballard Multimodal Corridor Project were developed in consultation with the community and evolved from initial conversations about the Burke-Gilman Trail Missing Link Project. Improvements identified by trail users, truck drivers, the industrial community, and nearby neighbors identified opportunities to design a complete, multimodal corridor along the Ship Canal between the Ballard Locks and 11th Ave NW. These improvements include new pavement on some roadways, driveway enhancements, new signals, new utility and drainage infrastructure, and enhanced pedestrian infrastructure.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact the construction outreach team at, or (206) 519-8136.  Thank you for your patience as we make these transportation improvements.