An SDOT message for Earth Day

Tree in the University District. Photo by Niki Seligman.

Our Director, Sam Zimbabwe, shares a message for Earth Day.

As Sam says in the video, fighting the climate crisis by lowering our city’s carbon emissions is essential to all of us at the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT). 

Downtown View, with spring flowers blossoming. Photo by Howard Wu.

In Seattle, transportation is the largest contributor to greenhouse gases.  

“If our current global pandemic has taught me anything, it’s that we can work together and make bold changes to care for our neighbors and future generations.”  

Sam Zimbabwe

At SDOT, we’re creating a multimodal transportation system that makes it possible for people to get onto buses, trains, ferries, use bikes, walk, or roll. And we all need to work together to continue making urgent progress.  

Central District’s Stay Healthy Street along the 25th Ave S Greenway. Photo by Jeanne Clark.

SDOT houses Seattle’s largest urban forestry department.

Our urban forestry department cares for our critical greenspaces and plants hundreds of trees each year.  

These trees and greenspaces absorb carbon and slow stormwater runoff, making cleaner air to breath and reducing pollution in Puget Sound – they’re our only appreciating asset in the right-of-way.  

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions requires us all to think differently about our streets and how we get around. 

After we emerge from the current pandemic, we’ll all need to think differently about how we move. 

What can you do to help fight climate change?