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Weekly Update: West Seattle Bridge

West Seattle Bridge at sunset. Photo Credit: Madison Linkenmeyer

We post a blog weekly to keep you informed about the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge Safety ProgramJump to the English version of this blog post.

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In This Week’s Update:

Reporting Reconnect West Seattle Progress

Reconnect West Seattle has been a joint effort over the past year with several neighborhoods to restore travel to and from West Seattle and surrounding communities.In 2020, we finished over 20 projects to help communities stay safe and mobile during the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge repair. (Read more on the SDOT Blog.)

Projects include biking infrastructure improvements, new bus lanes, speed radar signs, and a West Seattle and Duwamish Valley Walking Map, for people walking and rolling in South Park to help increase mobility. 

Some highlights from Reconnect West Seattle in 2020 include:

  • We installed speed radar signs on detour routes to help reduce traffic speeds, including on S Cloverdale St in South Park and on Airport Way S in Georgetown. 
  • We added new, red-painted bus lanes on S Spokane St to keep buses moving on time and efficiently and are adding bus routes to make taking transit more efficient and predictable.  
  • We repaved the intersection of 1st Ave S and Olson Pl SW, a frequent site of new potholes and a critical path on the West Seattle Bridge detour route. 
  • We made bike improvements on E Marginal Way and the West Seattle Bridge Trail to help people feel more comfortable biking. 
  • We’ve developed a West Seattle and Duwamish Valley Walking Map, which is just one part of our West Seattle and Duwamish Valley Travel Options portal.  

More are on the way in 2021!

West Seattle Water Taxi Using Small Vessel Through the Week

Starting last Monday, January 25, a smaller vessel, the M/V Spirit of Kingston, started a two-week stint on the West Seattle Water Taxi route. The M/V Spirit of Kingston has a physical distancing passenger capacity of 33 and can carry 14 bicycles at any one time. King County’s announcement states, “Ridership on the West Seattle route has not exceeded 33 passengers since early November, although ridership has been fluctuating since the holidays. Please plan your commute accordingly.” 

The water taxi is a great option to connect to downtown Seattle during the closure of the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge, with multiple sailings in the morning and afternoon, Monday – Friday. For more information on all things Water Taxi, visit King County’s Rider Information page. 

Maintenance Crews Worked on Spokane St. Viaduct Crash Cushions on Sunday

This past Sunday, January 31, maintenance crews cleaned/maintained  a number of crash cushions along the Spokane St. Viaduct. This work did not involve any lane closures.