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Travel Advisory | Thanks to your Levy dollars at work, we’re preparing to pave on N 80th St from Aurora Ave N to I-5, starting today!

People walking and biking at intersection of E Green Lake Way N/E Green Lake Dr N & N 71st St in 2017. Photo Credit: SDOT Flickr.


Back in November, we celebrated a big milestone: we were halfway through our paving and redesign work in and around Green Lake! 

Paving around Green Lake. Photo Credit: SDOT.

Every year, we pave arterial streets to keep you moving, whether you’re biking, walking, rolling, riding the bus, or driving. Paving projects help to move people and goods more safely and efficiently. Approximately 80% of the funding for these paving projects comes from the Levy to Move Seattle.   

Now, a few months later, we’re beginning a big part of this project: paving on N 80th St from Aurora Ave N to I-5, and on E Green Lake Way N!  

This starts with initial “grinding” work on N 80th St, which is expected to last about two days.  Then, we’ll begin grinding E Green Lake Way N a few days later. We’ll start asphalt paving on both streets as soon as mid-April. Then, we’ll make final repairs on the road, if needed, and apply the final asphalt overlay. In full, you can expect this work to take place from now till July. 
This work is highly weather dependent, and the schedule is subject to change. We will share any schedule updates through these email updates and on our project webpage

If you’re traveling in and around the area, read on for what to expect during this work: 

During grinding and repairs, there will be: 

  • Work from 7 AM to 7 PM 
  • Short-term driveway closures while the grinding machine passes 
  • No-parking signs placed in work areas 72 hours in advance of work starting. Your vehicle must be moved prior to grinding and paving activities to avoid being towed. 
  • Pedestrian access to homes and businesses maintained at all times 
  • After grinding, rough pavement and potentially steel plates on the roadway 
  • Traffic restricted to a single lane, with flaggers present to rotate travel directions 

During asphalt paving, there will be: 

  • Work on N 80th St from 7 AM to 7 PM 
  • Some paving work overnight to minimize traffic impacts 
  • On-street parking closed throughout paving 
  • Driveway closures as the new asphalt is poured and cures 
    • We will open up driveways as the asphalt dries and is safe to drive on 
    • Please plan to park on side streets if you need access to your vehicle during working hours 
  • Loud noise, vibrations, equipment, and tar-like odor 
  • Traffic restricted to a single lane, with flaggers present to rotate travel directions 
  • Emergency access maintained at all times during this work 
  • NOTE: Fresh pavement is hot, oily, and extremely sticky. Please keep off new pavement if you are walking, especially with pets, as the oil and pavement can harm their feet and be difficult to remove from fur. 

If you are driving or biking: 

  • Traffic on N 80th St and E Green Lake Way N will be maintained with one lane in each direction with flaggers and uniformed police officers present to direct traffic 
  • After grinding takes place on the roadway, please be cautious of raised castings when biking in the area. 
  • Please expect these conditions to be in place for at least a month, weather depending. 
The Levy to Move Seattle Logo, which reads: This project is funded in part of in full by the 2015 voter-approved 9-year $930 million Levy to Move Seattle. The Levy provides funding to improve safety for all travelers, maintain our streets and bridges, and invest in reliable, affordable travel options for our growing city. Learn more at On the right, the Levy to Move Seattle logo has the words "The Levy to Move Seattle: Your tax dollars at work" and icons representing" Seattle streetcar, a truck a bus, a car, a bike, and a person walking.