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Paid parking rate adjustments coming June 1 to improve access to Seattle restaurants, cafes, stores, and other businesses

Setting effective and affordable parking rates improves customer access so our businesses can continue to recover. Photo from SDOT Flickr

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Paid parking rates will remain relatively low in many locations at $1.00/hour or less. Some locations and times will have rates up to $2.50/hour. See chart below for details.

Have you noticed that it’s been more challenging to find on-street parking by your favorite restaurant and stores lately? As more and more Seattleites are fully vaccinated and out and about, we’ve seen an increase in demand for on-street parking in many neighborhoods. 

Based on recent parking data analysis, we’re adjusting on-street parking rates in some neighborhoods so that people visiting shops, cafes, restaurants, and other businesses will have an easier time finding a parking space within walking distance of their destination. Setting effective and affordable parking rates also increases access to businesses by ensuring turnover of parked cars – a key to our continued economic recovery.  

Before the COVID pandemic, Seattle’s paid parking rates varied between $0.50 and $5.00 per hour depending on the time of day and location. With the June changes, rates will range between $0.50 and $2.50 per hour.   

Unlike other cities around the country that have returned to their full pre-COVID parking rates, Seattle’s approach has been to start conservatively and adjust rates based on demand as the city continues to recover economically. We’ll review parking conditions and data quarterly this year to make incremental adjustments and be responsive to changes in demand in our business districts.   

Here’s what’s changing on June 1 and what’s not:   

  • Parking rates will decrease to $0.50 per hour in the evenings in the Pike-Pine neighborhood.   
  • Parking rates will increase by either $0.50 or $1.00 per hour in parts of 12th Ave, Belltown, Chinatown International District, Columbia City, Downtown, Denny Triangle, First Hill, Fremont, Green Lake, Pioneer Square, Roosevelt, South Lake Union, and the University District. See the new morning, afternoon, and evening rates for each of these locations on the chart below. Our interactive parking rate map will be updated with the new rates on June 1. 
  • Parking will remain $0.50 per hour in most other locations.   
  • Street parking remains free on Sundays and some holidays, including this Monday on Memorial Day.    
  • Privately owned parking lots are not affected by this change.  

Seattle’s performance-based parking rate changes are based on data. 

Historically, once a year we gathered hourly parking occupancy data in all paid areas so that we could adjust rates by neighborhood and by time of day: morning, midday, and evening. This data informs our decisions to lower rates when and where there are fewer cars parked and increase rates when and where street parking is overly full. The goal is to adjust rates so that one or two parking spaces are available on each block throughout the day so people driving have reliable access to the curb for short-term visits . 

This year we’re gathering and evaluating data quarterly to support our economic recovery be more responsive to changes in customer demand. This process also accounts for differences in seasonal demands.  

Visit our Parking Page for more information about paid parking and other parking signs

Paid Parking Rates Beginning June 1, 2021

LocationMorning  Afternoon   Evening   
12th Avenue  $0.50  $0.50  $1.00  
Belltown South  $0.50  $2.00  $0.50  
Chinatown/ID Core  $0.50  $2.50  $1.50  
Columbia City  $0.50  $1.00  $0.50  
Downtown  $0.50  $1.00  $0.50  
Downtown Waterfront $1.50  $0.50  $0.50  
Denny Triangle North  $0.50  $1.50    
Denny Triangle South  $0.50  $2.00  $0.50  
First Hill  $2.00  $1.50  $0.50  
Fremont  $0.50  $1.00  $0.50  
Green Lake  $0.50  $1.00  $0.50  
Pike-Pine  $0.50  $0.50  $0.50  
Pioneer Square Core  $1.00  $1.50    
Pioneer Square Edge  $0.50  $1.00    
Roosevelt  $0.50  $1.00  $0.50  
South Lake Union South  $2.00  $1.50    
University District Core  $0.50  $1.00  $0.50