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Uptown community informs new plan to prioritize on-street parking for neighborhood businesses and residents and encourage transit use, biking and walking to Climate Pledge Arena events

Other curbspace and parking updates:

Paid parking rate adjustments coming June 1 to improve access to Seattle restaurants, cafes, stores, and other businesses.

Northgate and U District surveys. Share your feedback on our proposed curbspace & parking changes near the new Northgate & University District Stations

The new Climate Pledge Arena is scheduled to open this October and will draw crowds of more than 10,000 people for Seattle Storm and Seattle Kraken games, concerts, and other events! 

We worked closely with the Uptown community to design a curbspace and access plan to support reliable access for residents, businesses, and visitors and prevent gridlock during game nights and other big events. Over 600 people engaged in the creation of this plan and influenced the outcome. 

Earlier this year, we posted our proposed curbspace changes and asked for your feedback. We listened and adjusted our plan to best meet the needs of the community.  

In response to stakeholder feedback, the plan includes the following adjustments from the draft proposal: 

  • We reduced the Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) area. The northern boundary will be W Kinnear Pl/ Ward St. 
  • We retained no parking from 6 PM to midnight, except by RPZ 13 permit, on RPZ blocks 
Map showing streets in Uptown where curbspace and access changes will occur. For details, call (206) 584-3443.
Uptown Curbspace and Access Plan map

Our Uptown Curbspace and Access Plan is based on three community supported goals. Below are the changes we’re making to support each of these goals. 

GOAL: Prioritize access for businesses, residents and visitors in a quickly growing Urban Center 

  • Expand Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) 13 as shown in the orange shaded areas on map above. 
    • RPZ permits currently cost $65 per vehicle for a two-year cycle and renew in March of odd-numbered years. 
    • A $10 income-eligible permit is available. 
    • Employees are not eligible for RPZ permits. 
  • Expand paid parking on retail and commercial blocks as shown in blue shaded areas on map above. 
    • Paid parking allows up to 4 hours of parking from 8 AM to 8 PM, Monday – Saturday to encourage vehicle turnover in the business district for reliable customer access.  
    • Rates installed on new blocks will be the same as other neighborhood rates. 

GOAL: Prioritize transit, biking and loading, and manage ride-hailing services to support a sustainable and equitable transportation system 

  • Redesign blocks to optimize commercial and passenger loading. 
    • Include designated disabled parking spaces where possible, typically at the end of blocks. 
    • Continue coordinating with the Arena team on a management plan for ride-hailing services. 

GOAL: Discourage Arena event goers from using on-street parking 

  • Implement on-street event parking rates in all paid parking locations shown on the map during Arena events anticipating 10,000 or more attendees. 
  • During events, rates will likely be in place from 5 PM to 10 PM in the evenings and on Saturday afternoons before and during events. 
  • To support shorter visits to neighborhood businesses, event parking rates will be lower during the first 2 hours and higher for the remaining 3 hours. This encourages people to ride transit, walk, bike or park off-street using the Arena’s parking reservation system. 
  • Event rates could also be used on Sundays and holidays.

“We support establishing event rates — we don’t think we should wait to see if that is needed. Street parking is significantly underpriced in Uptown (and across the city) as compared to private lot operators, so to get those who choose to drive off our streets and into lots, significant changes to street parking pricing structures are necessary. We believe it is important to have event rates in place by the time the Arena opens this Fall so that event goers understand from day one the parking restrictions instead of having them change after people have developed their parking habits and expectations.” 

 – Uptown Alliance 

Next Steps 

  • Present event rates legislation to City Council this summer. 
  • Mail residents information on purchasing RPZ 13 permits, including information on the $10 income-eligible permit, prior to sign installation. 
  • Install paid parking and RPZ restrictions over the summer and into early fall. 
  • Engage businesses on loading zone needs.