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SURVEY | Share your feedback on our proposed curbspace & parking changes near the new Northgate & University District Stations

Picture credit: Sound Transit

Recent curbspace access and parking updates: 

Paid parking rate adjustments coming June 1 to improve access to Seattle restaurants, cafes, stores, and other businesses.

On-street parking & curbspace changes coming to Uptown. Uptown community informs new plan to prioritize on-street parking for neighborhood businesses and residents and encourage transit use, biking and walking to Climate Pledge Arena events. 

It’s happening! Three new Sound Transit light rail stations are opening this October! 

In preparation for new travel patterns around the new Northgate, Roosevelt, and the University District (U District) stations, we’re proposing updates to on-street parking near each of the stations. 

We’ve already collected and are analyzing your input on our proposed changes near the Roosevelt Station, and now we want your input on our proposed changes near the U District and Northgate stations!  

We want to hear from you!  Here are ways you can provide feedback on our proposed curbspace & parking changes:  

We’ve studied parking near the U District and Northgate stations and are proposing the following changes to ensure people who live, work, and visit can reliably access the neighborhood and future station.

U District: Add paid parking to several blocks that are currently unrestricted parking. 

Map of curb changes around U-district Light Rail station

Hourly rates for paid parking are set with a goal of having one to two spots available per block. This helps provide people reliable access to support local businesses. Learn more about the data-driven process of how paid parking prices are determined.   

Some streets near the core of the U District (including 12th Avenue NE and NE 42nd St east of 12th Ave NE) will have two-hour parking and some streets (including 11th Ave NE and 42nd west of 12th Ave NE) will have four-hour parking. Rates are currently $0.50 – $1.00 per hour and may be adjusted in the future.  

Northgate: Add two-hour time limits to nearby blocks where parking is currently unrestricted.  

Map of proposed curbspace changes around the new light rail station in Northgate

Time-limited parking helps increase access to businesses by ensuring turnover of parked cars. We’re proposing adding two-hour time-limited parking on 3rd Ave NE, 4th Ave NE, and NE 97th St. 

Proposed changes in both U District and Northgate areas: 

  • Changes will be made to bus stops that will affect on-street parking. 
  • Existing loading zones will be reviewed to ensure they are located along the block for efficient maneuvering for drivers. 
  • We’re able to install new 5 minute load zones for food priority if interested.  If you would like to request a new loading zone, please contact   

What do you think about our proposed plan? Share your feedback by June 7, 2021.