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If you got it, a truck brought it. The Seattle Freight Advisory Board is seeking new members!

Specialized heavy rigging transportation | Photo courtesy of Port of Seattle

Apply to join the Seattle Freight Advisory Board

COVID-19 crystalized for many Seattleites how important the movement of goods and services is to a thriving city. SDOT is looking for people interested in the efficient movement of goods to participate on the Seattle Freight Advisory Board. Topics range from how to balance competing demands for our streets and curb space to innovative studies and pilot programs in partnership with the University of Washington. 

What is the Seattle Freight Advisory Board?  

The Seattle Freight Advisory Board works as a collaborative team committed to the development and maintenance of a functional and efficient freight system within the City of Seattle.  

Created in 2010 by Seattle City Council Resolution 31243, the board advises the City Council, the Mayor, and City departments on policies, plans, and projects related to freight capacity, safety, access, and mobility throughout the city. There are 12 members on the board, including one representative from the Port of Seattle. Public board members are appointed by either the Mayor or City Council and subject to City Council confirmation.  

A truck on the road

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Board members advise on projects, policies, and plans that balance the needs of any combination of freight, transit, walking, biking, loading and parking uses. Photo credit: SDOT Flickr

Board members share experiences and advise on:  

  • Policies, pilot programs, and projects related to the movement of goods and services in a growing dynamic urban city, including how our streets operate, options for loading, and ideas for more efficient and less polluting deliveries 
  • Projects, policies, and plans that balance the needs of any combination of freight, transit, walking, biking, loading and parking uses; and may serve as a liaison to other transportation advisory boards or committees working on similar topics 
  • Regular updates to the Freight Master Plan, Freight Implementation Plan, designations of major truck streets 

Seattle Freight Advisory Board Members are volunteers that serve a 2-year term. Board members generally spend about 4-8 hours a month, including participating in regular 2-hour monthly meetings that are currently held from 9-11 am on the third Tuesday of every month. Collectively, the Freight Advisory Board will identify one representative to serve concurrently on the Move Seattle Levy Oversight Committee.  

A person standing next to a white truck on fire

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If you got it, a truck brought it. The movement of freight in our city impacts everyone. Photo credit: SDOT Flickr 

Who should apply?  

People interested in joining the Seattle Freight Advisory Board often represent businesses, organizations, or agencies that are involved in the transport of goods and services or that depend on the efficient movement of goods and services within the City of Seattle.

Members could represent, but are not limited to: 

  • Businesses, organizations, and public agencies that depend on the efficient movement of freight, including store and restaurant managers and owners who manage deliveries 
  • Representatives of various modes and types of freight, and from different areas within the City, including the Duwamish Manufacturing Industrial Center and the Ballard/Interbay Northend Manufacturing Center  
  • Employees from companies delivering (prepared meals, restaurant supplies, online purchases) or picking up goods (residential recycling services) that include drivers parking and walking to destinations 
  • Delivery services reliant on travel modes other than trucks, for example cargo bikes 
  • Seattle residents with experience and interest in improving freight movement are encouraged to participate as well 

The City of Seattle is committed to promoting diversity within the City’s various boards and commissions. The Freight Advisory Board strongly encourages Black, Indigenous, and other people of color, people with disabilities, bi-cultural or bilingual residents, youth (under 30), seniors (over 65), and/or LGBTQ candidates to apply.    

Interested in participating in a SDOT advisory board, but freight isn’t really your thing? Learn about our other advisory boards and committees: 

Board and committee recruitment happen at different times throughout the year. Learn more about each of these boards and committees on their webpages.  

Apply today to be on the Seattle Freight Advisory Board!

Apply online. Be sure to select “Seattle Freight Advisory Board” for which board you would like to apply to. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until all eligible positions have been filled. 

For more information, visit questions the Seattle Freight Advisory Board webpage. For questions, contact Chris Eaves at