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Do you want to help shape the future of transit in Seattle? The Transit Advisory Board is seeking new members!

A Sound Transit train on the move. Photo: SDOT

Apply to join the Transit Advisory Board! 

During the pandemic, King County Metro, Sound Transit, Washington State Ferries, and other transit partners in the area made service adjustments to keep riders and operators safe. As more people return to the office and move around Seattle in coming months, transit will play a key role in the recovery.   

Want to help advise the City on challenges and opportunities related to transit and public transportation? The Transit Advisory Board (TAB) is accepting applications for three new members to serve two-year terms starting in Fall 2021 through August 2023!  

A person boards a King County Metro bus.
A person boards a King County Metro bus. Photo: SDOT 

What’s the Transit Advisory Board?  

The Transit Advisory Board was formed by Seattle City Council Resolution 31572 in 2015 to advise the Mayor, City Council, and all departments on planning, project development, and policies related to public transit. The Board is made up of 12 volunteer members of the public, including 1 Get Engaged member.  

The Board: 

  • Comments and makes recommendations on City policies, plans, and projects as they may relate to transit capital improvements, transit mobility, and transit operations throughout Seattle. 
  • Helps facilitate City policies, plans, and projects that support local and region-wide transit mobility efforts, to ensure a functioning and coordinated transit system throughout the City and region. 
  • Functions as the public oversight committee of revenues collected under Seattle Transportation Benefit District (STBD) Proposition 1, which was absorbed into the City of Seattle in June 2016 and renewed by Seattle voters in November 2020. 
A ferry approaches Seattle.
A ferry approaches Seattle. Photo: SDOT 

What’s the time commitment? 

Advisory board members can expect to spend between 4-6 hours each month for some of the following activities: 

  • Board meetings, currently held the fourth Wednesday of each month from 6 to 8 PM  
  • Work with communities to understand their transit transportation priorities 
  • Advise the Mayor and City Council on policies 
  • Provide input to SDOT and other departments on transit projects 
  • Occasional additional meetings on special topics 

Who should apply?  

Transit Advisory Board members are not only enthusiastic about transit, they also are serious about ensuring projects and programs are equitable and inclusive of all people in all communities across the city.  

TAB members may be representatives of any of the following: 

  • A variety of transit rider groups including persons with disabilities, senior and school age community members, commuters, and low-income riders 
  • Travelers of different public transportation modes such as bus, light rail, streetcar, and/or ferry 
  • Residents with an interest in improving transit conditions within the City and region, and who have experience with urban transit issues 
  • Transit-related organizations and clubs 
  • Schools, business, and neighborhood organizations that depend on our public transportation system 
  • Different geographical locations citywide 

The City of Seattle is committed to promoting diversity within the City’s various boards and commissions. The Transit Advisory Board strongly encourages Black, Indigenous, and other people of color, people with disabilities, bi-cultural or bilingual residents, youth (under 30), seniors (over 65), and/or LGBTQ candidates to apply. 

A Seattle Streetcar.
A Seattle Streetcar. Photo: SDOT 

Apply now! 

Apply online. Be sure to select “Seattle Transit Advisory Board” when you’re asked which board you would like to apply to. You may apply to multiple boards with the same application. Applications are due by Friday, August 27 Friday, September 10 (deadline extended!).   

Questions?  Contact Nico Martinucci at  

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