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New! ‘Flip Your Trip West Seattle’ encourages use of transit, vanpool, shared bikes and scooters during the West Seattle Bridge closure

Riding the King County Water Taxi to West Seattle. Photo Credit: SDOT.

Starting today, people who live or work in West Seattle can visit to sign up for a comprehensive travel options program that includes a $25 sign-up bonus for free rides on transit and scooter/bike-share, or free vanpool fares. The program also offers trip planning assistance, special informational events, as well as an opportunity to earn more free rides. 

We launched Flip Your Trip West Seattle to support people in getting around without driving alone and reduce the effects of the West Seattle Bridge closure. The campaign will support West Seattle residents and workers traveling to, from, and around West Seattle. We have also released a new video featuring Sal the Salmon to promote the new program.  

Watch the video below!

We are working with King County Metro to increase West Seattle transit service. 

King County Water Taxi. Photo Credit: SDOT.

Last week, we announced that we would provide the funding needed for King County to increase Water Taxi service and continue sailing seven days a week all winter long. On October 2, King County Metro will increase bus service on West Seattle Routes 50, 60, 120 and RapidRide C Line thanks to SDOT funding from the 2020 voter-approved Seattle Transit Measure. 

“It is our hope that this program will incentivize people to use different modes of transportation over the Duwamish River that can also support long-term changes in travel patterns even when the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge reopens next year. Duwamish valley communities along the detour route have been severely affected by increased traffic and speeding through their neighborhoods, and we can all do our part together.” – SDOT Director Sam Zimbabwe

“We know how difficult the West Seattle Bridge closure has been, and we want to do what we can to support people making travel choices that help reduce congestion. Every trip someone takes riding a bus, biking, walking, or rolling means one less car on the road.” – SDOT West Seattle Bridge Program Director Heather Marx

Flip Your Trip West Seattle encourages people to replace car trips with other travel options such as transit, vanpooling, biking, scooting, or staying local. Anyone who lives or works in the West Seattle area is eligible to take a pledge to take the #FlipYourTrip pledge and receive an initial sign-up bonus worth $25 to use on the free rides of their choice.

This incentive works on King County Metro buses, water taxis, Sound Transit, Seattle Streetcar and all local scooter and bike share companies (Lime, LINK, Spin, and Wheels). 

The campaign will also support vanpooling—covering new King County Metro vanpool riders’ first month of vanpool costs and providing monthly fare beyond the first month for eligible participants. All official King County Metro vanpools can apply for access to use the West Seattle low bridge at all times of day.  

The Flip Your Trip campaign features a new partnership with King County Metro, as participants can receive their free rides on Metro’s Transit GO Ticket mobile app (android | ios). 

Participants can redeem their initial sign up bonus by clicking on the new “rewards” button in the app menu, which will appear as 2,500 rewards points. Additional reward points can be earned by making transit and scooter/bike share trips. 

“We’re excited to find new ways to move more people away from getting stuck in their cars in traffic, and instead traveling by buses, boats and vanpool. Transit is also critical to making access to opportunity more equitable, and improving our air and water quality.” – Metro Mobility Division Director Chris O’Claire

People who do not have smartphones can choose to receive an ORCA card and program updates through community organizations, instead of using the Transit GO Ticket mobile app.  

Information about  Flip Your Trip West Seattle is available in nine languages (EnglishSpanishSomaliOromoVietnameseSimplified ChineseTraditional ChineseKoreanKhmer).  

We will continue to provide updates about neighborhood-specific travel options throughout the Flip Your Trip West Seattle campaign through educational events, and our very own Spokesalmon, Sal.  

The West Seattle Bridge closure has affected travel to and from the West Seattle peninsula, including Duwamish Valley communities, where detour routes have increased traffic and pollution from people driving. For more information about how to travel around, to, and from the West Seattle area, visit

The West Seattle High-Rise Bridge remains on track to reopen in mid-2022. The bridge was closed in March 2020 after city engineers discovered rapidly growing cracks in multiple locations. We immediately set to work on emergency stabilization work which halted the cracks from growing larger and kept the bridge standing, but additional work is needed to further strengthen the bridge to support the weight and stress of daily traffic. We will resume construction for the final phase of repairs later this year.