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Still curious about the John Lewis Memorial Bridge? Check out all the new biking, walking, and rolling connections the bridge has made possible!

Biking, walking, and rolling across the John Lewis Memorial Bridge near the Northgate Link light rail station. Photo Credit: Tim Durkan.

Three new Link light rail stations on Sound Transit’s 1 Line arrived October 2 in the U-District, Roosevelt, & Northgate neighborhoods. We were prepared, having made connections across North Seattle for people walking, rolling, and biking, driving, and finding parking.

The John Lewis Memorial Bridge opened on October 2! Photo Credit: Tim Durkan.

A new 2-way protected bike lane connects to the new John Lewis Memorial Bridge at NE 100th St, existing bike lanes on NE 92nd St, and other community destinations in the area. These improvements will provide easy access to regional transit and to the citywide network of walking and biking routes. 

Below is a map of the all the biking, walking, rolling, and transit connections near the new John Lewis Memorial Bridge, as well as details on parking changes and regulations nearby.

Where might you bike, walk, or roll in North Seattle now that the bridge is open? Here are some routes you can take with the paths, lanes, and Neighborhood Greenways made just for you. 

Approaching the John Lewis Memorial Bridge from the west side. Photo Credit: SDOT.

From NE Northgate Way and Meridian Ave N to the Northgate Ice Centre 

  • Try the protected bike lane on Meridian Ave N from NE Northgate Way to NE 100th St,  where you can connect to the John Lewis Memorial Bridge.  
  • Then, take the multi-use path on 1st Ave NE to the Northgate Ice Centre. Going the other direction, you can also walk, roll, or bike on the multi-use path on 1st Ave NE, and connect over the John Lewis Memorial Bridge to the North Seattle Neighborhood Greenway

From Crown Hill to the U-District 

From Robert Eagle Staff Middle School to protected bike lanes and North Seattle College 

  • People learning at all ages can take another Neighborhood Greenway as part of our Safe Routes to School program, connecting Robert Eagle Staff Middle school with North Seattle College via the protected bike lane on College Way N/Meridian Ave N.

We also heard community members mention a possible weekend family bike ride using the Neighborhood Greenways and bike routes to access the John Lewis Memorial Bridge on the west side. Then, they’d take the newly-installed bike lane from NE 100th St down to NE 92nd St, then west to College Way N and north past North Seattle College.  

Have you tried a new bike route in North Seattle recently? Let us know @seattledot on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram