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On-street paid parking summer rate adjustments take effect on July 11. Plus, pay by phone option now available for commercial vehicle load zones.

Parked cars on the street in Fremont. Photo: SDOT


  • On Monday, July 11, on-street paid parking rate adjustments in Seattle will take effect.
  • Rates are set based on real-world data to help ensure enough parking spots are available at locations around the city at various times of day.
  • Overall, rates remain low at many locations, with approximately 75% of all locations and times remaining at or below $2.00 per hour.
  • This blog post contains additional details, including all paid parking rates as of July 11.
  • You can also learn more about how pay by phone is now available for commercial vehicle load zones, to help provide another flexible option for commercial deliveries in Seattle. Thanks for reading!

On-street paid parking rate adjustments – summer 2022

On Monday, July 11, rate adjustments to Seattle’s on-street paid parking will take effect at locations throughout the city. This seasonal adjustment is part of our regular process to help ensure enough parking spots are available, based on the latest real-world parking usage data and seasonal trends. We typically make these parking rate updates three times per year, in the spring, summer, and fall.

Overall, rates remain low at many locations, with $0.50/hour and $1.50/hour as the most common rates in mornings and afternoons, and 75% of all locations and times staying at or below $2.00 per hour. In total, 48 adjustments are being made at various times of day, across 27 different areas in the city. Most of these adjustments are in the afternoon and evening times. We are decreasing rates in the downtown commercial core retail zone in the mornings to $0.50 per hour and increasing rates in parts of Denny Triangle to $4.00 per hour, based on very high demand there during the day.

As more people have been traveling as they return to work, shop, eat at restaurants, and go about other activities, traffic volumes and parking demand have also increased. Based on the latest data, this summer’s rates generally include more rate increases than earlier this year and during the pandemic. A detailed table of the new rates (effective as of Monday, July 11) is available below.

This information can also be found on our 2022 paid parking rate changes web page, and you can learn more on our paid parking information web page or our general parking program website.

Summer 2022 Paid Parking Rates – Effective July 11, 2022

Paid Parking AreaMorningAfternoonEvening
12th Avenue$0.50$1.50$1.50
Ballard Core$0.50$1.50$1.00
Ballard Edge$0.50$1.00$1.50
Ballard Locks$0.50$1.50$1.50
Belltown North$0.50$1.50$1.00
Belltown South$0.50$3.00$0.50
Capitol Hill North$0.50$2.00$1.50
Capitol Hill South$0.50$2.00$2.50
Cherry Hill$0.50$1.50$0.50
Chinatown/International Dist.$0.50$2.50$2.00
Columbia City$0.50$2.00$1.50
Commercial Core Financial$1.50$3.00$0.50
Commercial Core Retail$0.50$2.50$0.50
Commercial Core Waterfront$1.00$2.00$1.50
Denny Triangle North$0.50$3.50
Denny Triangle South$0.50$4.00$2.50
First Hill$2.00$2.50$2.50
Green Lake$1.00$2.50$1.50
Pioneer Square Core$0.50$2.00
Pioneer Square Edge$0.50$1.00
South Lake Union North$1.00$1.50
South Lake Union South$1.50$2.00
University District Core$0.50$3.00$1.50
University District Edge$0.50$1.50
Uptown Core$0.50$1.00$1.00
Uptown Edge$0.50$2.00$2.00
Uptown Triangle$0.50$1.50
Westlake Ave N North$0.50$0.50
Westlake Ave N South$0.50$0.50
Table of on-street paid parking rates in the city of Seattle, as of July 11, 2022, at various locations and times of day.


  • Bold number: parking rate increasing by $0.50 or $1.00 per hour.
Cars parked on the street in the Uptown neighborhood. Several cars are located along both sides of the street, with a paid parking machine and several large trees in the background.
Cars parked on the street in Uptown. Photo: SDOT.

Pay by phone option available for commercial drivers in Commercial Vehicle Load Zones – adding another flexible option to support business deliveries in Seattle

SDOT has added a pay by phone location code option at Commercial Vehicles Load Zones throughout the city. This new mobile pay feature will help provide another easy option for drivers of commercial vehicles (such as trucks, sprinter vans, and other vehicles) to make deliveries during the day to Seattle businesses and residential buildings.

The existing annual commercial vehicle permit is still available, and is widely used by companies with fleets of commercial vehicles. However, we expect that this pay by use option will provide flexibility and easy to navigate functionality for a range of businesses who can pay on as as-needed basis via a mobile app. This is the same app as used for regular paid parking in Seattle, but we remind day-to-day drivers of personal vehicles that commercial load zones are for commercial (business) vehicles only.

Commercial vehicle load zones are typically marked with a yellow sign that specifies which spaces are reserved for this commercial use. We appreciate drivers helping keep these spaces clear so that commercial vehicles can make their deliveries and safely and efficiently load and unload their goods.

For any businesses or commercial drivers interested in learning more about how to use pay by phone, please visit our Pay on Your Phone website, or you can download the app directly from your phone app store via this website. Thank you!

A Commercial Vehicle Load Zone sign in downtown Seattle. Wording notes to commercial drivers that they can pay by phone, with a location identifying number shown on the sign.
Look for Commercial Vehicle Load Zones with the new PayByPhone signs. Photo: SDOT.
Graphic showing the Seattle Transportation Plan, and encouraging Seattle community members to help SDOT image the future of transportation in Seattle, with a link to a website with more information.
Help us imagine the future of transportation in Seattle — visit our Seattle Transportation Plan Online Engagement Hub today! Graphic credit: SDOT