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We’ve expanded the bus-only hours in Interbay along 15th Ave W and Elliott Ave W

A bus travels in Interbay. New signs note the updated bus only hours in the curb lane. Photo: SDOT.

Editor’s Note (Jan. 24, 2023): The expanded bus-only hours took effect on Monday, January 23, 2023. Crews also updated signs along the street to note the change. This blog post has been updated to reflect the change taking effect.

Summary at-a-glance:

  • We’ve expanded bus-only hours on 15th Ave W and Elliott Ave W, between W Armour St and W Mercer Pl/W Roy St, to 7-9 AM and 3-7 PM.  
  • We’re also adding new loading zones in specific areas to help accommodate the access needs of nearby businesses.
  • The bus-only hours change took effect on January 23, 2023. Signs were also updated to reflect the new hours.

Check out our blog post from October 2022 to read about the purpose and benefits of this project. Based on what we heard during our outreach, we’re moving forward to extend the bus-only hours and add loading zones.

We’ve extended the bus-only hours on Elliott Ave W and 15th Ave W, from W Mercer Pl/W Roy St to W Armour St, to 7-9 AM and 3-7 PM.

This change applies only to areas where bus-only restrictions currently exist. We’re not adding new bus-only restrictions to locations in this area where they don’t exist today. We’re also not changing the bus-only restrictions on Elliott Ave W south of W Roy St and W Mercer Pl. The map below shows the areas where we have expanded the bus-only hours. 

Map showing the locations of bus-only lanes along 15th Ave W and Elliott Ave W, where hours are being expanded to be from 7-9AM and 3-7PM. The locations of hours being expanded extend from W Armour St in the north to W Roy St in the south.
Map of the planned extended bus-only hours. Graphic: SDOT.

We’re also adding a few new loading zones in specific areas to help accommodate the access needs of nearby businesses. If you would like to request a loading zone near your home or business in the future, you can call 206-684-7623, or visit our webpage for more information.

Look for updated signs along the street and at loading zones now that the new hours are in effect. In mid-2023, we plan to upgrade the vehicle detection system at the signal at 15th Ave W and W Dravus St. This change will help buses and other vehicles travel through the intersection more efficiently.   

We recognize that the change in hours may affect people who use the curb lane for street parking or loading, and that it may take people time to get used to the change. Based on the parking study, community outreach, and the new load zones we’re adding, we believe there are adequate parking and loading options to meet the needs. Expanding the bus-only hours now will help improve transit reliability for the many people who take the bus through this area and support the City’s climate goals by expanding our network of transit lanes.

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